Stakeholder Experiences

Nurturing and maintaining relationships with your employees and customers is the core of any successful business.
Unique and interactive experiences reward your key-players, showing your appreciation for their work and business, whilst offering additional opportunities to showcase your brand.

Team Building & Staff Wellness Campaigns

The team that plays together, stays together. Team building is the basis for any successful business. Boost morale and improve employee performance, as well as offer rewards and unite your team for better results. Employee wellness is also a major contributing factor to the success of your business, and with more focus on employee health, Currin’t Events offers a wide variety of unique and unusual team building activities and staff wellness campaigns to suit your corporate culture and budget.

Corporate Hospitality

Get the benefit of linking your brand with a high profile sporting event or concert. The thrill of being a part of a well-publicised event is an experience your customers will never forget, whilst affording you the opportunity to have key face-to-face time with your key clients. Currin’t Events will produce your hospitality event to first class standards, managing all logistics and ensuring a strong brand presence.

Golf Days

A day out of the office is always welcomed, and it is said that some of the best business deals and decisions were made on the golf course. Currin’t Events carries out a day in (on) the green boardroom with PGA efficiency, obtains sponsors and helps you to build and nurture the necessary relationships.